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Corporate Profile
Superflux International Limited was incorporated as a private limited liability company in 1995 and commenced business in 1998 in Victoria Island, Lagos. It subsequently moved its security printing facility to a 12,000 square meter purpose built factory complex located at 3 Vori close, Ogba Industrial area. It has a staff strength of over 300 employees. Accredited by the Central Bank of Nigeria, Central Bank of Zambia and other West African Central Banks, it is the industry leader for cheque provision and other security printing solutions in Nigeria and has become the preferred supplier of cheques to major banks in Nigeria, having over 80% market share. Its services cut across the financial, manufacturing, entertainment, education sectors as well as Government agencies in Nigeria and across several African countries.

Superflux is a customer centric organization that places high premium on customer service excellence, towards meeting and exceeding the needs of its clients. It provides a wide array of specialized print services for its discerning and quality conscious clientele base and has continued to enjoy great commendation and patronage from its customers. It offers a wide range of bespoke and standard features giving its customers the flexibility to choose exactly the right solution from design to print.

Superflux was recently awarded the Standard Organization of Nigeria ISO 9000: 2008 certification for quality.

Vision Statement
To be the leading facilitator and backbone for secure transaction, documentation, processing and communication, guaranteeing world class process integrity.

Mission Statement
To continually create an up-to-date and methodical transaction processing environment, including production of secure documents, Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) capabilities and logical infrastructure necessary to guarantee end-to-end transaction integrity.

Superflux Service Offering:
Superflux International Limited is the leading cheque provider in Nigeria, accredited by the Central Bank of Nigeria, Central Bank of Zambia and other West African Central Banks. It produces a wide range of cheques incorporating leading edge security features which gives its documents maximum protection against fraudulent intents. The cheques come in different sizes and can be finished as cut sheet, flow line or multi-part variants. Its production capacity can deliver both small and large volume orders depending on the organization and size of operations. With expertise and experience gained over the years in security printing, it is able to create vibrant designs to meet specific clients’ security and creative requirements. The cheque printing and finishing activities conform to established quality standards to guarantee integrity in our processes and procedures.

Security Features

  •     Penetrating Indelible Ink number
  •     Aqua Fugitive Ink
  •     CBS1 Watermark Paper
  •     Hologram
  •    Numismatic Background Design
  •     Micro Text
  •    Invisible Ultra Violet Ink
  •     Solvent Sensitive Ink
  •     Tri-Thermo chronic Ink


  •     Corporate Cheques
  •    Individual Cheques
  •    A4 Flow line/Loose Cheques
  •     Managers Cheques / Bank Cheques
  •     Drafts
  •     Product Cheques
  •     Customized Cheques
  •    Savings Withdrawal Book

    Cheque Personalization

    Superflux International Limited has created a value added solution that manufactures and finishes cheques ready for delivery to individual bank customers through investements in both equipment and highly skilled personnel to provide the cheque personalization services for banks. This service commenced in 2009 and is being enjoyed by a good number of banks in Nigeria.

    Personalized Solutions:    
  • Production and storage of cheque base-stock    
  • Data processing and encoding of customer MICR details on MICR code line
  •  Personalization and domiciliation
  • Finishing into booklets

  • This service guarantees fast turnaround times from request by customers at the bank to receipt.

        Cheque Fraud Detection & Prevention Training
    Superflux also provides training for financial institutions to assist their operations personnel to checkmate the nefarious activities of fraudsters at both the Teller points and the clearing centers. The training has tremendously assisted banks in reducing the incidence of cheque fraud in their system. We are available to conduct in-house courses nationwide at the convenience of the requisitioning bank.

     Forensic Analysis
    Superflux as part of its support services to banks has set-up a well equipped forensic laboratory where forensic analysis is conducted on fraud cheques. Though a postmortem activity, using the result of the forensic analysis, banks is able to go after fraudsters that attempted or successfully committed cheque fraud in their banks.
    We also provide this service to Government and Law Enforcement Agencies.

    Dividend Warrant
    Superflux provides security printing and specialized finishing solutions for the Registrars and Quoted Companies business segment with the aim of raising quality standards in the area of secure document production and more importantly transferring proven best practices that is assured to reduce cost, improve efficiency and enhance the reputation of the registrars and their numerous clients.
    Value Add Services
    End to- End Dividend Warrant
    This is a full solution that involves the production from start to finish of Dividend Warrants on behalf of the customer.  The objective is to take away the stress accompanied with the preparation and in-filling of data during dividend production and in the process improve efficiency, reduce time and cost.

    Service Features:
  • Dividend Warrant base stock printing
  • MICR-encoding
  •  Personalization
  •  Data processing and in-filling the beneficiary's  details and amounts
  •  Manufacturing and branding of envelopes to show Registrars name and logo
     Automatic fulfilling of the envelopes (insertion of warrants  into envelopes )
  •  Sorting in line with prescribed criteria
  •  Delivery of Warrants to agreed locations
    E-Dividend Notice
    we provide personalized printing services for various projects using our variable data printing applications. This is useful for E-dividend notices and other personalized correspondences as we move into the e-dividend era.

    Share Certificate
    Superflux produces high quality certificates and other registrar's documents requiring the same degree of security and print perfection. We are able to print various sizes and incorporate different security features depending on the intended use.

    Superflux produces high quality certificates for its esteemed customers in the financial, educational, government and allied sectors requiring the same degree of security and print perfection. We are able to print various sizes and incorporate different security features depending on the intended use. Our certificates can be personalized with individual or corporate details such as names, photographs and other vital information. Security features such as watermarked paper, holograms, heat sensitive inks, micro-text, etc can be incorporated to further enhance the security of the certificates and protect against duplication and alteration.

    Gift or Payment Vouchers require adequate protection to the ensure maximum security of the document and guarantee its authenticity. Its renowned expertise in security document protection has earned Superflux several major projects such as the European Union Payment Voucher during the National Population Census. It has continued to handle various sensitive voucher projects, both for marketing or promotional activities and other more formal projects.

    whether it is general postal or commemorative postage stamps, Superflux is well able to satisfy its customers. Requirements regarding unique designs, various formats, layouts and using self adhesive or gummed techniques. It is currently a major supplier to the Nigerian Postal Service for the provision of various denominational and special occasion stamps.

    Logistics Services
    Superflux has more recently set up a full-fledged integrated procurement, logistics and warehousing division to cater to logistics and supply chain needs of its diverse customers in the financial, manufacturing, telecommunications and government sectors. It has invested in comprehensive logistics infrastructure that delivers total end-to-end solution to all our clients and currently owns several warehouses with a total capacity of 32,000 square meters space available for storage and consolidation. It provides warehousing and archiving services for various customers in the financial, manufacturing and service sectors with varied tenured contracts.
    Some of the features and benefits of our Warehousing Solution are:
  •  Warehouse space for storage of goods
  •     Container handling operations for loading and offloading
  •     Inventory management with comprehensive weekly reports of intake and out take
  •     Provision of 24 hours security services
  •     24 hours interrupted power supply
  •     Experienced and efficient inventory staff available 24 hours
  •     Administrative Office space within the warehouse
  •     Vehicle and truck parking space within the facility
  • In 2013, it acquired 11 hectares of land in the outskirts of Lagos State that is being constructed as a modern Warehouse Park for use by technology companies and other FMCG companies.

    Superflux provides quality and secure Access Control Instruments for other service sectors in the economy such as the transportation, entertainments and sports industries. This service could be delivered either in Automatic Fare Collection System (Electronic), or in secure paper transaction (for single usage or both integrated system).

    These products include but are not limited to:
  • Secure paper tickets for bus, ferries, and rail and airline transportation.
  • Electronic Ticketing and Access Control instruments such as
    o    Magstrip cards
    o    Smart cards (RFID, Chip based)
    o    Terminals (validators)
    o    Parking Management Systems
    o    Provision of Access Ticket Validators /Card Readers and Accessories
        Entry Turnstiles or other Access Control Instrumentsv

    Our unique products are tailored to provide for organizations in the following sectors:
  •  Entertainment
  • Transport
  •  Sports
  •   Fairs and Exhibition Centers
  •   Tolls

    Superflux has been privileged to handle some important events requiring its expertise such as the provision of Tickets for the FIFA World Youth Championship tagged “Nigeria 99” and FA Cup Football Championships. We currently produce secure tickets for many of the major road and sea transportation initiatives in the country and many entertainment passes.

    Secure Pin Mailers
    As part of its new product development initiative, Superflux developed and introduced into the African market multi-part flow line vouchers now used in the telecommunications industry as secure E-Pin vouchers. They are used for smaller denominations credit vouchers and are gradually replacing the tear off paper slips. The major advantages of this solution are its size hence cost savings, tamper proof features and bio-degradable attributes when compared to the recharge cards. This solution is also relevant as gift or redemption vouchers for nationwide marketing and sales promotions.  We also offer personalization services of PINs for various projects using high speed numbering equipment.

  • Secure E-PINs
  •     Point Of Sales Slips
  •    Transaction Slips
  •     PIN Mailers
  •     Pay Slips
    Superflux continuously seeks best practice in its production processes to ensure that its products are of the desired quality regarding product performance, security and prompt delivery.

    Ballot Paper
    In 2011, Superflux was awarded the contract to locally produce ballot papers for the general elections in Nigeria. This is a significant milestone buttressing the fact that local companies can be entrusted to handle such highly sensitive materials within the peculiarities of the country. Superflux was  able to deliver millions of ballot papers within a very short time frame to the satisfaction of the customer. The solution encompasses the design, recommendation of unique security features that can safeguard the document from fraudulent activities, print production and numerous finishing specifications.

    Commercial Print
    In 2008, Superflux International Limited started from the top end of printing technology to cater for quality conscious print buyers by opening shop for commercial printing services, having invested in machineries for quality output and finishing. Our commercial print unit is well equipped with state-of-the-art print technology, comprehensive finishing lines, workflow technology as well as proven skills and expertise to ensure our customers benefit from speedy turnaround and excellent quality finished products.

    Superflux has continued to add value to customers branding and communication efforts by providing consistent and high quality print  including:
        Office Documentsv
    o      Letter Heads, Envelopes,  Call Cards

        Marketingv & Corporate Materials
    o     Annual Reports, Magazines, Brochures
    o     Posters, Handbills, Fliers
    o     Calendars, Almanacs, Season Cards
    o     Textbooks, Novels etc

        Business Transaction Formsv
    o     Receipts, Invoices, LPOs,
    o     Bank Forms, Way Bills, Recharge Card Base Stock, etc

    Our design team uses the latest layout, scanning and image-editing software, and has the necessary expertise needed to make the project all it can be.

    Documents are prepared for print using the latest transformation software that accept various formats and use the very versatile Agfa Galileo Computer-to-Plate machine which guarantees perfect output all the time.

    Superflux offset printing department offers high volume color printing capabilities with both exceptional quality and color reproduction, printing on various paper sizes up to A1 and on many paper substrates from 30gsm to 350gsm.


    Superflux' investment in finishing equipment offers inspiring and original options for decorative, textured finishing of your print.

    Total Print Management
    Superflux offers a total print management solution for its customers which involves handling every aspect of their print requirements from design, online request and ordering platform, production, logistics, warehousing, and final distribution to designated points to ensure value for money and a great result every time.


    Superflux envelope and paper handling subsidiary Papyrus is a backward integration strategy for the group. With the expansion of the mailing business, there was the constant dearth of good quality envelopes and inconsistency in the supply chain. Papyrus was therefore set up to manufacture quality envelopes for the group's mailing need and also be an active player in the open market. With an annual capacity of 250 million envelopes, our WINKER + DUNNEBIER envelope making machines is set for high volume production of best in class quality envelopes.

    Papyrus focuses on
  •     Envelopes of all types
  •    Bulk Paper handling
  •     General stationery supplies.

    Secure Shredding
    Superflux provides secure shredding services for confidential documents. This service is very beneficial to customers looking for a secure and cost effective solution to destroying obsolete or discarded items which have security implications. Such items include confidential agreements, bank notes, cheques, dividend warrants etc. The solution gives the needed comfort to our customers as the activity is done within the confines of our secure facility covered by CCTV and under the surveillance and inspection of security operatives and Auditors. Customers can also witness the destruction if they choose.
    Certificate of Destruction are issued at the end of the exercise.

    International Security Printing
    Superflux has over the years built and acquired formidable experience in security printing and finishing capabilities, making it the leading security print manufacturer in Nigeria. It presently supplies security documents to over 12 African countries with focus to increase penetration further across other countries in the continent. We remain an authority in the delivery of total secure print and communication solutions from initial design, print production, finishing of value documents.

    Its plan is to expand its reach through the export department to credible agents that have the same business philosophy with respect to business integrity and overall customer satisfaction. Opportunities exist in various countries, for more information please e-mail us at

    Print Management Solutions (PMS)
    The Print Management Solutions plan outlines an operation offering a full range of printing services. The enterprise will improve efficiency through the use of Total Quality Management (TQM). Following is a description of the ways in which the companies will employ extensive use of strategic, operational, and financial planning, as well as ways they intend to incorporate TQM methods into their businesses. This summary highlights the key points of the business plan. Speedy PMS will specialize in the production and marketing of printed materials. The establishment will be at Superflux facility.

    The infrastructure at Superflux facilities:
  •     Print Design
  •     Print Production
  •    Print Finishing
  •     Print Logistics& Distribution

    Thermal Roll
    As part of its new product development initiative, Superflux developed and introduced into the African market its customization solution for the pre-printing and supply of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and Point of Sale (POS) printer receipts deployable by tellers and ATM machines. This involves the pre-printing of its customers logo on Thermal Paper Roll receipt also known as transaction slip. The back of this receipt can also be used to advertise customers products or business information including feedback and emergency or assistance call numbers.

    Benefits of Customized Rolls  
  • Provide adverts to users
  •    Total elimination of deposit slip printing cost; all transaction details can be printed through POS printers using pre-printed rolls.
  •  Increased cashier productivity; quick delivery via POS printer.
  •  Reduced customer transaction time; no delay in banking hall.
  •  All transaction documentations are customized; ATM and Tellers issue same customized document.

    Product Range
    Plain Thermal Rolls
  •  80mm/80mm  
  •  57mm/40mm
  •  80/120MM  
  •  80/180MM

    Branded Thermal Rolls
  •    80mm/80mm 
  •    57mm/40mm
  •    80/120MM
  •    80/180MM

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