Superflux International Limited


Superflux International Limited is the leading cheque provider in Nigeria. We are accredited by the Central Bank of Nigeria, Central Bank of Zambia and other West African Central Banks.

We produce a wide range of cheques incorporating leading edge security features which gives our documents maximum protection against fraudulent intents. Our cheques come in different sizes and can be finished as cut sheet, flow line or multipart variants. We can also produce both small and large volume orders depending on the organization and size of operations.

With expertise and experience gathered over the years in security printing, we are able to create vibrant designs meeting our clients' security and creative requirements.

Our cheque printing and finishing activities conform to established quality standards to guarantee integrity in our processes and procedures.

Some Security Features

  • Penetrating Indelible Ink number
  • Aqua Fugitive Ink
  • CBS1 Watermark Paper
  • Hologram
  • Numismatic Background Design
  • Micro Text
  • Invisible Ultra Violet Ink
  • Solvent Sensitive Ink
  • Tri-Thermo chronic Ink

Our Products

  • Corporate Cheques
  • Individual Cheques
  • A4 Flowline/Loose Cheques
  • Managers Cheques / Bank Cheques
  • Drafts
  • Product Cheques
  • Customised Cheques
  • Savings Withdrawal Book