Superflux International Limited

Cheque Personalisation

Superflux International Limited has created a value added solution that manufactures and finishes cheques ready for delivery to individual bank customers. In order to achieve this, we made the necessary investment in both equipments and highly skilled personnel to provide cheque personalization services for banks.

This service commenced in 2009 and is being enjoyed by some banks in Nigeria. We provide the following personalized solutions:

  • Production and storage of cheque base-stock
  • Data processing and encoding of customer MICR details on MICR codeline
  • Personalization and domiciliation
  • Finishing into booklets

The service guarantees fast turnaround times from request by customers at the bank to receipt.

Other services

  • Cheque Fraud Detection & Prevention Training¬†

    Superflux also provides training for financial institutions to assist their operations personnel to checkmate the nefarious activities of fraudsters at both the teller points and the clearing centres. The training has tremendously assisted banks in reducing the incidence of cheque fraud in their system. In-house courses can be conducted nationwide and at the banks' convenient period.

  • Forensic Analysis

    Superflux as part of its support services to banks have set-up a well equipped forensic laboratory where forensic analysis is conducted on fraud cheques. Though a postmortem activity, using the result of the forensic analysis, banks are able to go after fraudsters that attempted/successfully committed cheque fraud in their banks.

    We also provide this service to Government and Law Enforcement Agencies.
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