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On the 15th of July 2016, Superflux played host to a select group of students from Fate Foundation "School" of Entrepreneurship, Class "19". The purpose of the visit as disclosed by Adenike Adeyemi, Executive Director of the Foundation was to afford the students the rare opportunity of experiencing a production environment and gain practical insights of operations within a structured environment and best of all learn from the experiences of a successful entrepreneur.

The emerging entrepreneurs were welcomed by the Group Head, HR & Corporate Affairs, Mrs. Alero Nwana. The COO, Mr. Gabriel Okonkwo gave a brief background on the early days of Superflux, the steps it took to distinguish its services and attain its position of leadership in the industry. He shared with them the company's role as a pioneer in developing the regulation and standards for cheque printing and its achievements since it commenced operations in 1998.

The company from printing check base stock has developed a bouquet of innovative service offerings ranging from end-to-end print management solutions, dividend warrants, certificates, tickets, logistics and warehousing services. These innovations are part of the diversification strategy of the organisation. He emphasized that Superflux operates within a culture of innovation and excellent customer service. The students were thereafter taken on a tour of Superflux state of the art factory facility by the GM (IT & Operations), Mr. Waman. The students experience after this is best described as very educating.

The President/CEO Mr. Tokunbo Talabi gave the students a talk on becoming a successful entrepreneur. He started by sharing his experiences as a university student and how his restless nature actually paved the way for him on the route of entrepreneurship. From his personal experiences and insights, a successful entrepreneur must be driven, determined and be able to seize the moment by recognizing opportunities as they show up. He encouraged the students to embrace these attributes. In the ensuing question and answer session, the students learned that they must look for a niche to play in, must carefully choose their mentors and must recognize the power of infrastructure and access. The high point of the talk was the sharing of his personal philosophy of being always at the top only and never beneath. On this note he advised the students not to limit themselves but see an opportunity in every adverse situation. The session closed with the autographing of Mr. Talabi's book, "The Mind's Game" to each of the students. It turned out to be a very inspiring and motivating session, as always is with Mr. Talabi's talk sessions!

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