Superflux International Limited


Superflux provides quality and secure Access Control Instruments for other service sectors in the economy such as the transportation, entertainments and sports industries. This service could be delivered either in Automatic Fare Collection System (Electronic), or in secure paper transaction (for single usage or both integrated system).

These products include but not limited to:
Secure paper tickets for bus, ferries, rail and airline transportations.
Electronic Ticketing and Access Control instruments such as
- Magstrip cards
- Smart cards (RFID, Chip based)
- Terminals (validators)
- Parking Management Systems
- Provision of Access Ticket Validators /Card Readers and Accessories
Entry Turnstiles or other Access Control Instruments

Our unique products are tailored to provide for organizations in the following sectors:
Fairs and Exhibition Centres

We have been privileged to handle some important events requiring our expertise such as the provision of Tickets for the FIFA World Youth Championship tagged “Nigeria 99” and FA Cup Football Championships. We currently produce secure tickets for many of the major road and sea transportation initiatives in the country and many entertainment passes.